Yokohama Tyre Shop in Gurgaon

Mostly known as the Yokohama Rubber Company, Limited, this is a well-known tyre manufacturing firm, based mainly in Tokyo and currently working for the Indian market as well. This company first bring down its journey on October 13th of 1917 as a joint venture between the B.F. Goodrich and the Yokohama Cable Manufacturing. The Yokohama Company was later expanded to the USA as Yokohama Tire Corporation in 1969. The main goal behind the rising force is the Aspec A300.
After quite some popularity across the world, Yokohama finally opened its door to Indian customers. Right now, you have the most promising Yokohama Tyre Showroom in Gurgaon named as Cosmopolitan Wheels, where all the quality Yokohama tyres are supplied to match your different car models. Just log online and book the tyre of your choice from the comfort of your home. The rates are meant to be reasonable to help anyone purchase their chosen tyres.

Why Choose Yokohama Tyres?

If you are considering environment-friendly tyres, then Yokohama tyres are the best options you could lay your hands on. They are known to have a lower environmental impact than most of the other popular tyre brands. Even when you are trying to improve rolling resistance to ensure they are road-friendly as they are green these Yokohama tyres are the best choices you can lay your hands on.

Good rubber quality:

Yokohama tyres are known to offer promising quality rubber for all kinds of vehicles. All these brands are known to do everything well, especially when it comes to genuine eco- friendly authorization.

  • • These tyres are known to be 80% petroleum free and the firm has actually decreased Co2 emissions during manufacturing and also eliminated CFC uses.
  • • Some tyres will use oils acquire from orange peels, to leave behind smaller environmental footprints.

The forefront of tyre development:

When it is about tyre developmental phases, Yokohama will always be at the top of the list. These tyres have already been used in World Touring Car Championships and the performance testing has helped to inform the Advance line of ultra-high performing tyres.

  • • These tyres are known for ultimate comfort, optimal handling and smoother ride under various driving conditions.
  • • Not just for sports and high-end luxury cars, but there is a separate range of Yokohama tyres available for everyday passengers, who use them for normal domestic services. You have the Blue Earth line of tyres for that.
  • • Not just for sports and high-end luxury cars, but there is a different range of Yokohama tyres available for everyday passengers, who use them for normal domestic services. You have the Blue Earth line of tyres for that.
  • • These tyre lines are known to have a valid entry point price-wise and will be high on features, which matter to the average driver like fuel savings.
  • • For the Crossovers and the SUVs, Yokohama is known to offer its Geolander tyres, which will make the market highly popular among the masses. These are all-terrain and all-purpose tyres with longer tread life and traction in every weather type, including snow and rain.

Yokohama tyres suited for your Car

If you think about it, there are different Yokohama tyres you can get your hands on, once you have chosen the best Yokohama Tyre Shop in Gurugram named as Cosmopolitan Wheels for the same. Learning the best models will be a great shot, once you are trying to purchase the best one for your matching model.

Advan Fleva:

For ultra-high-performance rates, Yokohama Advan Fleva is a great model for you to venture into. It comes with a 30-day trial feature and is known for its silica-infused compound. The tyre is known to have a solid outer rim and centre with a 2 in 1 contrasting pitch. There are 8 different tyres under the Advan range to cater to passenger and competition cars. It has run-flat and an all-season option to venture into. Some of the car models over here are.

  • • Porsche
  • • Microcars
  • • Crossover Wagons by FIAT, Lancia and Dodge
  • • Luxury sedans

BluEarth Winter:

As you can understand from the name itself, if you are intentionally looking for winter tyres, then Yokohama BluEarth Winter will be the best series to venture into. It has a wide slanted groove along with directional thread. Similar to the other model, as mentioned, it has silica locked compound with triple 3D sipes. These tyres are great for:

  • • SUV
  • • CUVs
  • • Crossover
  • • Truck, during winter seasons

Geolander A/T G015:

Another interesting tyre option for trucks and SUVs will be Yokohama Geolander A/T G015. These tyres are great for the 1995 Toyota 4Runner 4wd.

Choose Cosmopolitan Wheels for Yokohama Tyre

The next time you are out for an Authorized Yokohama Dealer, you are asked to choose Cosmopolitan Wheels for the same. This firm is known to deal with premium brands only with Yokohama being one of their famed names.